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Author :- Moulana sayyid Abul A’la Maududi

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In the name of Allah, the compassionate, the Merciful
In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful.
The road to peace and calvation on the existence of the divine
Gentlemen! Would you believe a man who told you that there was a big store in the market without any shopkeeper and salesman? Or. Other persons after it. And still the store was running smoothly, all the goods flowing in and passing into the customers' hands automatically? Would you concede the possibility of goods flowing into shop without any supplier, and selling without any salesman? And would you agree that the goods in such a shop could possibly be kept safe from thieves and robbers unless there was somebody to take care of the shop and look after it? it goes without saying that nobody in his senses can believe in the existence of a big store of this kind .
Take another example. Suppose someone told you that he had seen a big factory running without any owner, manager, and engineer and machine man. The factory, he further told you, had sprung into existence of itself, all the various machines fitted themselves in their proper places, the machines came into existence automatically and were running likewise, turning out wonderful products. There is no doubt that you would be stupefied by this incredible story and suspect that the reporter was out of his mind.
Surely none else but a madman could say such absurd things.
Or, let us take a few more real examples. Could you believe that electric bulb, which is glowing before you, generated light of itself? Or, could even the greatest philosopher convince you that this chair, which is lying here before you, had assumed its present from all by itself? Or, could even the most learned man persuade you that the cloth of which your dress is made had not been woven by any human being or machine but it wow itself automatically; or could all the teachers of all the universities of the world induce you to believe that these houses which you see around yourselves were not built but sprang into existence automatically?

There are only a few instances that you see every day in your life. Now, if you cannot, by any means, be persuaded to believe that an ordinary shop could run without any shopkeeper or salesman, or a factory could be created and operated without an engineer or run without a manager, you possibly accept the thesis that the universe is without a creator or master? In the vast and wonderful scheme of the universe, the countless living beings, the sky, the sun, and the the moon, and the innumerable planets and stars function with the precision of the parts of a watch. Vapors rise from the oceans and turn into clouds; the winds blow these clouds to the distant corners of the earth and, under suitable conditions, the vapors condense into water, which falls on earth as rain. The rain water in its turn brings dead soil to life and helps the growth of various kinds of food grains and other crops, luxuriant trees and different varieties of fruits and flowers. Now, could any sensible person be induced to believe that this vast and integrated system sprang into existence without any creator and is running automatically without any master, governor, or conductor? We have no hesitation in dismissing as lunatic a person who thinks that even such a small and insignificant thing as a chair or piece of cloth or a little wall came into existence of itself; can we then agree with a person who holds the earth sprang into existence of its own. The animals came to life of the selves, and even the most wonderful and complicated of all being-man-came into existence without any creator? Chemical analysis of the substance of the human body has shown that it is composed of certain quantities of iron, coal, phosphorus, calcium, salt and gases and some other substances of the same kind, which would not together cost more than a few rupees. Now, could any one of you create a human being by combining these substances in one or another manner in the same proportion in which they exist in a normal human body? If you could not, how could you believe that a human being alive and alert, and capable of making such difficult and complicated things as an aero plane or a television, came into existence automatically without the design of a master mind and the work of a master craftsman?
Have you ever pondered how the human infant forms and develops in the tiny workshop the mother's The father has no hand in hand in this wonderful process, nor has the mother anything to do with it. At a moment of which neither the father nor the mother is aware. Two small life-germs, which cannot be seen without the help of a microscope, unite with each other in a small pouch. Thereafter, they draw their nourishment from the mother's blood. Which supplies to them sufficient quantities of iron, sulphur, phosphorus and other essential substances in requisite proportions? These substances go on accumulating in the womb and, after some time, form a lump of flesh. In the next stage the lump acquires a definite shape and develops various organs and parts of the body in the appropriate place. The eyes, the ears, the brain, and the heart all develop precisely where they should; the bones and the muscles grow in their respective positions. In short. Every part, larger or small, is precisely where it should be. The embryo then acquires life develops the senses and power to think and a thousand other capacities. And when the embryo eventually grows into a fully formed human infant, the small workshop of the womb. Where it has its origin and developed for several months, delivers it out, and it starts its independent life in the world. The work shop the womb produces millions of human infants every day, but every one of these is different from the other in looks and complexion, in voice and diction, in power and faculties, in qualities and moral caliber. Even brothers born of the same father and mother are never identical to each other this is indeed a marvel which baffles the mind and staggers the imagination. Only a person out of his wits could that this wonderful system of life cae into being, and has continued for countless generations, without a wise, powerful God possessing vast knowledge and unrivalled power of performance.

Let us now proceed a little further. Anybody with a little common-sense would readily agree that no business. Big or small, could run in a proper and orderly manner unless a single person was made finally responsible for its conduct. Have you ever heard of a single school with two headmasters, or one department with two directors, or one army with two commanders-in-chief, or a country with two presidents? In any event, Could any institution under a dual control possibly be run efficiently? Even in the ordinary affairs of everyday life we observe that too many cooks spoil the brook, and any task or business that is left under the charge of more than one person cannot be properly: it is generally messed up and causes heart-burning and squabbles among those responsible, and ultimately it becomes a public scandal. Good management, proper order and discipline, and smooth working and efficiency are practically inconceivable, without a single predominant power, a single authority or a single administering and controlling hand.
This is a patent fact which anybody endowed with a little common-sense would accept without any hesitation keeping this fact in mind, just cast a glance at the world around you and the and grand system of the universe. Look at the millions of planets that you find in constant motion. At the earth on which you live, at the rises in the evening and the sun that rises at dawn. At mars, Jupiter, mercury, Saturn, Venus, and countless other stars and planets that spin like balls: their conduct and movements show an extremely strict adherence to a certain set of rules and time schedule. Have you ever found the evening setting in before its natural hour, or the sun rising before the fixed time? Has the earth ever collided with the moon? Has the deviated from its position? Have you ever seen or heard of any planet sewing from its course even by the breath of hair? Like the parts of watch, these billions of stars and planets, some of which are millions of times bigger than our earth and some are thousands of times bigger than the sun, are running their appointed courses strictly in accordance with rigid regulations and precisely at their normal speeds. None of them ever alters its fixed pace by the minutest fraction or swerves by an hairs breadth from its appointed course. Their distances and directions in relation to one another are set, and even the slightest alteration in this scheme would upset the whole system to the universe and reduce it to a disastrous chaos; the innumerable planets would begin to collide with one another like railway trains.
Coming down from the heavens to the earth, let us look at the world in which we live and at our own selves. The whole scheme of the earth and the drama of life that we witness upon it are governed strictly by certain rigid laws and rules. For instance, the gravitational pull of the earth keeps all the objects.

On it in their respective places; if the earth relaxes this pull even for a second, the whole world would go to pieces. All the parts and wheels and cogs of the world's vast workshop are governed strictly by a set of regulations, and none of this regulation is ever altered to the slightest extent. The air and water follow the respective rules laid down for them; light is bound by the regulation that governs it; the seasons of the years strictly follow the schedule laid for them. Earth, stones, metals, electricity, steam, trees, and animals-none of these has the power to overstep the bound within which it is required to live by the laws that govern it. Or to change any of its properties or qualities, or to refuse to discharge the takes assigned to it; within the limit set for it, and subject to the regulation laid down for it, all parts of this machine are working in cooperation with one, and the entire goings. On in this world, and all the developments and progress that we witness, are due to the fact that all the objects and forces in the world are working in cooperation with one another.

Take the apparently insignificant example of a seed that is sown in the soil. It is obvious that the seed cannot germinate and grow in to a plant unless all the powers in the heaven and on the earth cooperate in sustaining and developing it. The soil supplies nourishment to it from its inexhaustible reserves of good. The sun provides it with the necessary heat and light. Water and air give the seed what it requires from them. The night makes it cool and gives it dew, day warms it and thus helps it to germinate and grow. These various elements thus cooperate for months and years, as the case may be, in nurturing and nourishing the seed the plant constantly and regularly. And only they does it grow into a tree and bear fruit. All the crops that provide food for you and sustain you, grow as a result of the mutual cooperation of these various forces; indeed you are living at all only because various forces of the heaven and the earth are working in cooperation to keep you alive and sustain you. If any of these elements withdrew its cooperation, life would become absolutely or virtually impossible. If, for instance, the withdrew itself from this cooperative enterprise, you would instantly cease to exist. If water refused to act in harmony with air and heat in the atmosphere, you would not get a drop of rain. If the soil did not cooperate with water, your gardens would go dry, your crops would never ripen be able to build houses. If fire refused to be kindled, not only your ovens, but all the mills and factories would stop functioning. If iron refuses to react to fire, you should not be able to make even a knife or a needle, not a speak of motor-cars and railway engines and big machines. In short, the world in which you live exists and survives only because the various departments of this wonderful realm regularly and faithfully cooperate with one another, and no departmental functionary can dare to neglect its duty or refuse to cooperate with other functionaries in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations.
Now, do you find anything wrong or false in what I have just said? I don't think anyone will denounce it as false. And if it is all true and supported by your own independent observation, is it not natural and rational to ponder over the raisin d' entire of this grand scheme, this wonderful regularity, this extreme harmony, this perfect coordination among the countless and limitless objects and forces of the universe? The cosmos has existed for billions of years in the same from in which we find it today; for millions of years trees have grown and animals have lived on the earth; and from time immemorial man has lived in this world. But the scheme of the universe has never experienced any disturbance or aberration. The moon has never fallen upon the earth, the earth has never collided with the sun, the fixes durations of the day and the night have never varies by a second, the air and water have never fallen foul of each other, water has never been at loggerhead with the and fire and heat have continued to go together, one is bound to wonder why, after all, do all the various provinces, departments, and functionaries of this vast realm adhere so strictly and faithfully to the laws and regulations laid down for them. Why do they not fall of one another? Why is there no disorder or disturbance in this kingdom? What is the force that keeps its various parts and departments under the control of a single administrative system? You only have to search your own hearts for correct answers to these questions.

Don't you feel intuitively that single divine beings in the universe subject to his own laws and regulations? If this universe had been governed not by several but even two gods, it affairs could not possibly have been run so regularly and efficiently. If even a small school could not accept two headmasters at one time, how could the vast realms of the heavens and the earth is run by more than one sovereign? In short. It is a fact that world and the universe did not spring in to existence of themselves without any creator, and they are not functioning automatically without with governor or conductor. But this is only one aspect of the reality. The other aspect is that the universe has been created, and is being run, by a single being. The regularity, precision and efficiency with which its affairs are being run leave no doubt that they are controlled and directly by a single administrator .the general adherence t other laws and regulations of the universe by all its object and being shows clearly that the writ of a single sovereign runs exclusively in the realms. the serenity of the laws of the universe bears testimony to the fact that a single sovereign rules the heavens the earth , and all that is between them ; that the sun , the moon and the stars are under his command and control ; that the earth and all that it contents are subject to his command ; that water the rivers and the mountains, the trees and the animals are all his slaves . He has the life and death of human beings in his hands and his powerful grip holds all the world in full control; no object or being is strong enough to enforce its own writ I the kingdom of god.
In fact, the perform organization of the universe does not at all permit more than one ruler or administrator .The very nature of organization demands that no other being should be a single ruler and all other rulers should be his subjects for if any other being enjoyed even a small fraction of the original authority, disorder, disturbance, and the indiscipline would inevitably result. Moreover, the administrator of such a vast kingdom requires not only power but also knowledge. It needs such an extensive vision as can view the whole universe at one time and a mind so comprehensive and perspicacious that it can issue commands and induction s keeping in views the needs and demands of the entire universe. The system and organization of the universe would surely have been upset and shaken if some smaller deities, not endowed with universal vision, had been allowed to share the sovereignty of the universe with the supreme lord and aster and entrusted with authority in respect of particular matters or parts of the world. Even an ordinary machine is likely to be thrown out of gear if it is any truest to a person who does not know to work on it and he is allowed to interfere with its working. in regard to the system of the universe, therefore, the very fact that the affair of the heavens and the earth , run as they are with perfect regularity should make it clear even to the meanest intelligence that no force or being shares the sovereignty off the universe with god even in the slightest degree .
This is not merely a statement of fact it is also lightened that gods soverenity over the universe should not be shared by any authority ad that his right along should run thorough out the realm. those who are on his own who depends for existence and survival entirely upon his mercy who cannot lie even for a ,omen by virtue of their own strength or capacities ,are surely not component to share his sovereignty and cannot conceivably do so . Could a servant shall the ownership rights of his master? Or, would a master even share power or rights with his own servant? If you ponder seriously over these examples from ordinary life, such as situation would not only to reason and nature, truth and logic.